Kangals vom Hof Mühlbach


I'm sorry to be late with breed notes again, we had decided we wouldn't just go to Builth for a couple of days for Welsh Kennel Club Show, but would make a real holiday of it. So off we set, with trusty laptop and generator, all ready to go. Unfortunately when I tried to go on line there was no internet connection. The next morning I asked the Security men about Wi Fi connection and they told me that the sign on the tree said, if you have trouble getting Wi Fi go to the Society web page for the code.  I pointed out that if  I didn't have Wi Fi I couldn't go onto the web page!! So as I said apologies for the delay.

Paignton Show was good fun, leaving home at 5.40 A.M. to collect Chloe to be sure we were there in good time for her to be ready for Y.K.C. handling at 9.30AM.   Kis was able to see over the top of the bench dividers so, she spent her time staring out towards the large shed doors where people came in and out, convinced everyone who came in had come to visit her. Luckily Trisha Dean came by on her way back from breakfast, so that was one good cuddle done, then Ray White came into the building, He had entered Leyla and Melek and had decided to bring his caravan for a holiday but would not be exhibiting his dogs. It was good to see him looking really fit and well after he was taken off to Abergavenny Hospital from Builth last year, apparently Pat has refused to take 2 weeks holiday in Wales again this year! We were due to be second in the ring after Dog De Bordeaux but we noticed that they were not in fact in the ring after the judging was meant to have started. I went over to ask the Steward what the situation was, just as Mrs Hodsoll arrived to update her. She said the judge for D.D.B had not arrived so Stuart Mallard had agreed to judge them when he had finished judging Alaskan Malamutes, so Mrs Hodsoll had decided that A.V.N.S.C. could be judged in the empty ring, but not before 11 A.M. to be fair to exhibitors who might arrive a little later expecting to be second in the ring. I have to say it was brilliant to have such consideration from a Show Secretary for we exhibitors, there was no way we could be considered Any Variety Not Seriously Considered at Paignton, oh no, we were being given every consideration  and hopefully our grateful thanks and appreciation will be noted. Our judge Frank Kane also gave us every consideration and attention, inspecting each exhibit as carefully as any C.C. breed, none of the casual glance and minimal inspection of some judges. Kis was Best of Sex & Best of Breed was a Ch. Swedish Vallhund.

There have been some super videos on facebook of the litter of pups in Germany bred by Nicole Skrebutis. Having been born on the farm there are videos of them happily playing around the chickens whilst not attempting to chase, then walking past some very large cattle that must seem elephant size and getting almost blown over by the snorts. Later there’s a great video of the pups being loaded onto a trailer and taken up into the woods with several children. The pups all running around exploring the new sights and sounds and then, one by one, falling asleep, great way to teach pups to accept all sorts of different sights & sounds as a normal part of life, whoever is lucky enough to have one of these pups will certainly have a pup sound in mind & body.


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